The platform

We unite Impact Investing and Commodity Trading with technology in an innovative approach to empower Rural Africa



Almacena logistics partners move the coffee from any FOT African location to our warehouses in Belgium, UK, Spain and Dubai. Physical checks and mobile scans using own mobile app ensure we can trace the route of the coffee and confirm authenticity of information.

Quality control

Almacena surveyors provide on the spot checks, coffee sampling and intermediary stock inspections at cleaning stations, inland warehouses and ports of export or destination to give you full risk mitigation every step of the green coffee supply chain.


Benefit from our Global Marine Cargo Insurance covering land and maritime transport in Africa and the world provided by our partner AON.


Store your coffee in exchange licensed warehouses in our hubs in Antwerp, Barcelona and Dubai. Other locations available upon request.


Coffee owners (producers and/or importers) financed by Almacena also benefit from our hedging capabilities to lock in differentials vs US Coffee C and London Robusta contracts and be competitive when selling the coffee onwards.


On Almacena, you can benefit of up to 120 days of finance for coffees handled by us. Terms and conditions available to approved users.

Import Services

Almacena assists importers with all required to bring coffees they like from origin to destination – price fixation, documents handling, L/C opening, logistics, quality controls, sampling and risk management, customs clearing and more.

Coffee sales & Distribution

Via our agent network and own staff we provide coffee sales and distribution services for conventional and specialty coffees.

More on Technology

As with all things new, technology plays an important part in our journey and is key to enable impact. Technology keeps changing our world and we want to use the latest developments to make impact investing available to ordinary people, more secure and efficient and fully scalable. New developments and collaborative technologies like smart paper / NFC tags, DLT and cloud services are an integral part of Almacena Platform approach

Our Technology

We combined our expertise and experience to create an innovative platform offering.

  • Intuitive user experience on Desktop and Mobile browsers optimized for slow internet connections.
  • Blockchain to preserve immunity of data with daily timestamp
  •  User Dashboard offering full visibility on transaction and aggregate level .
  • Secured cloud infrastructure (AWS), encrypted SSL communication.
  •  NFC tags for product traceability and geolocation tracking 

Our Roadmap

Making commodity trade more efficient, more transparent and less risky for both sides of the trade.

  •  Fully digitizing the supply chain from smallholder farmer to end buyer
  • Value creation from cost efficiencies and risk mitigation
  •  Financial inclusion for smallholder producers and access to off-shore markets for origin exporters
  •  Responsible and sustainable sourcing for impact creation via state-of-the-art technology
  •  Impact verification and tracking with IRIS integration and mobile payment management to record actual benefit for origin producers