Rwanda (Gatare)
200 gr Free sample
1 kg 2.34 EUR
2 kg 4.68 EUR
5 kg 11.70 EUR
19,200 kg 37,440.00 EUR
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3T8KN-69: Rwanda (Gatare)

1.95 EUR / kg

Reference Name
Rwanda (Gatare)
Unit Price
1.95 EUR / kg
Antwerp (Spot)
Commodity Type
Arabica Green Coffee
In Stock Location
Antwerp, Belgium
19,200 kg
320 Bags x 60 kg
Peaberry Scr 13+

Producer: Gatare

Company Message

IMPEXCOR Ltd means “Importation, Exportation et commerce du Caffé au Rwanda. It is founded in 2008 by Innocent MWUMVANEZA, IMPEXCOR is one of the country’s top exporters of green coffee. IMPEXCOR Ltd supplies sustainable, specialty coffee for 11 years of experience in the coffee sector. This tradition of excellence leads IMPEXCOR to coffee roasting “Rugali Coffee” with unsurpassed vigilance to detail and top quality green coffee. IMPEXCOR Ltd is ambitiously committed to provide only the finest green coffee to our valued customers in the most timely and informed manner possible. We take care in our commitment to provide quality service and look forward to serving you according to your needs.

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