Unblocking Africa Commodities Trading

The Marketplace for African Agriculture Products that unites Impact Investing and Commodity Trading with Technology in an innovative approach to empower Rural Africa

Dutch Agtech

We use Cloud, NFC and Blockchain to create digital IDs of the coffees, immutable data records of the producers and the provenance and route of the coffees in full transparency to all supply chain players.

We use data records to build farmers' IDs to unlock microloans and enable financial inclusion in rural Africa.


Trading as a Service

Whether you need to move goods across continents, finance and insure cargoes, build inventories in consumption markets or hedge commodity prices, you can count on the Almacena service.

We manage the risks and we take the responsibility.

You pay for the service you use. No intermediaries; no black boxes.


Real Impact

We shorten the supply chain to create efficiencies for both sides on the commodity trade.

We bring producers out of anonymity and facilitate relationships.

We create higher income, we promote sustainable practices and reward gender balanced approach to business.

Our goal is to impact 800 000 smallholders across East Africa until 2025.

Our Mission & Vision

Commodity Trading as a Service to Empower Rural Africa

Sub-Saharan countries hard currency revenues come mostly from export of agricultural products like coffee and tea. However, little value is retained by the local economy. One of the reasons is the lack of affordable finance alternatives to the local agriculture business and therefore the pressure to sell the production and export raw commodities as soon as possible.

Furthermore, African producers’ income locally is a direct function of the international prices which are very volatile and African specialty coffee growers and small traders typically have no means to reach final consumer markets or sell directly to final buyers.

Almacena offers a new model to challenge and disrupt this paradigm.

We are backed by impact investors interested to make an impact and empower the African business to unlock their potential.


Coffee and Tea production in East Africa is a smallholder activity: 400.000 households in Rwanda, 600.000 households in Burundi, 400.000 households in Tanzania, 1.700.000 households in Uganda, etc.

These are the communities that need most attention to transform the local economies and boost economic activity.

At Almacena Platform, we believe with the help of private individuals acting as investors, we can collectively help Rural Africa achieve a better and more sustainable future.

In the UN Framework of Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to address:


Giving African Growers and their families an affordable finance alternative in an intuitive and flexible manner


Actively promoting Women-only Cooperatives and offering special rates of finance to stimulate women professional employment


Helping with job retention at Rural areas. Creating directly jobs for our African branches


Enabling Access to EU Markets and Higher Value Retention for the African Growers by offering financing at Destination Markets and Export Hubs


Promoting Fair Trade, Organic and Best Agri Practices and Responsible Sourcing on our Platform

Who we are?

Our team is a great mix of business, technology and agriculture experts.

Dimo Yanchev

CEO / Co-Founder

M: + 31 620 397 594
E: [email protected]

Abdou Mukwanda

Head Africa Operations

M: +250 788 896 070
E: [email protected]

Vasil Dimov

COO / Co-Founder

M: + 31 682 217 414
E: [email protected]

Debritu Mogesse Lusteau


Stoyan Ivanov

Sales Executive

M: +31 621 302 855
E: [email protected]

Inigo Aresti

Spain Coordinator

M: +34 680 74 54 38
E: [email protected]

Arnoud Star Busmann


Ferdinand Tuinstra


Hans Hendriksen


Emanuela Isac

Marketing and Relations Manager

M: +39 340 743 2345
E: [email protected]

Frederick Ssamula

Commercial Officer Uganda

M: +256700307903
E: [email protected]